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Singer, songwriter, actor, spiritual life coach, author and instructor.

annie_blogPicMy wife Annie volunteered to be the guinea pig for my first interview with other Escapees. My plan is to ask all interviewees the same set of questions. From time to time, I will circle back around for updates on personal breakthroughs.

Where did you move from? How old were you when you moved to Los Angeles?

I moved here from Nashville with my incredibly talented husband, Greg Sims. I was in my early 50s.

Do you feel like you were guided to move here? If so, what did that look like?

Absolutely. My spiritual mentor, Neale Donald Walsch, says there are only two questions in life to ask, and we are never to reverse the order. They are: 1) Where am I going? 2) Who’s going with me? When we first started to entertain the possibility of moving to LA, it was for Greg’s film scoring. I thought, “Well, what am I going to do?” I wasn’t really doing a whole lot in Nashville. I had a part-time music job, wasn’t performing music for a living anymore, and hadn’t been for quite some time except in this limited way at spiritual centers. So, I went within and asked my inner wisdom, if you will, “What’s in it for me?” My inner voice said, “Do you want to play big, or do you want to play small? If you want to play big, move to Los Angeles. If you want to play small, stay right here in Nashville.” Over the years, I have learned to trust that voice, and to act on it. So I did. And I love it here!

How many years did it take until you felt you were successful?

I don’t really know what “successful” means for me. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing here, so I just sort of followed my bliss and stepped into whatever lit me up and sounded like fun. So, I guess you could say I’ve been successful from Day 1, because I’ve been happy from Day 1.

What was your breakthrough?

I had a breakthrough on Christmas Eve [2015]. Like I said, I was just following what I thought felt good, and had been doing quite a bit of acting. So, I joined SAG, and the work got less. And so, I again went to my inner wisdom, and I asked God to give me a job. When I woke up on Christmas Eve morning, the words in my head were, “Conversations With God Center Los Angeles.” And now I know what I’m here to do. I’m going to open the first Conversations With God Center in the world. I am Global Director of Advanced Programs, and I’m on the Board of the CWG Foundation, so it makes perfect sense. I’m very excited about that and ready to start assembling my team.

What do you love most about Los Angeles?

The mountains! The weather, the mountains, the weather, the mountains and the weather. The ocean, of course, is great, but I won’t swim in it. I’m spoiled by the warm Gulf of Mexico from when we lived in Florida. I love the people here. I love the open-mindedness, the tolerance. People are very happy here, and that surprised me. And traffic is not a problem.

What did you move here to do? Who did you move here to become? Are you still doing / being this?

I knew I was moving here to become a larger version of myself. And that is continuing to evolve. I’m staying open to my guidance and loving every minute of it.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a move to Los Angeles?

Probably the most important thing would be, don’t come out here broke. We kind of went on faith, didn’t have a lot of cash flow when we came, and we went out on a limb to do it. We had savings that we didn’t really want to spend. Somehow we were able to make it happen. We ended up selling our Nashville house for a nice profit, and that really afforded us some time to establish ourselves here. So I would say, have a nice little nest egg before you come because it can take a while. Everything costs about the same except for housing and gas. You might want to consider a roommate if you don’t have one. But other than that, groceries are even cheaper, they’re organic — there’s farmers markets, and you can get great deals during happy hour. So, come with enough money to live for at least six months.

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Greg Sims is an award-winning composer for film, television and advertising. He escaped to LA in 2015 where he has been scoring feature films and documentaries and blogging about his adventures in Los Angeles.

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