Interview – Annie Sims

Singer, songwriter, actor, spiritual life coach, author and instructor.

annie_blogPicMy wife Annie volunteered to be the guinea pig for my first interview with other Escapees. My plan is to ask all interviewees the same set of questions. From time to time, I will circle back around for updates on personal breakthroughs.

Where did you move from? How old were you when you moved to Los Angeles?

I moved here from Nashville with my incredibly talented husband, Greg Sims. I was in my early 50s.

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Greg Sims, Composer

Hi! I’m Greg Sims. Welcome to my blog. When I first began to tell people that I was moving to Los Angeles, I would often get comments like “I’m so sorry. I escaped from LA ten years ago.” But I was not deterred, mainly because I had decided that LA was the place I needed to be if I were to seriously entertain my dream of becoming a full-time film and television composer.

Orchestra score & parts for “The Lion Of Judah”

I’ve never been a big-city person. I had a comfortable life in Nashville, Tennessee with my lovely wife, Annie, and our feline family of four. But after a while, I could no longer ignore that gnawing feeling I was not living the life I was destined to live. I was no longer content to play small; I wanted to play big. I couldn’t shake what my friend Rob had said: “You know what you are? You’re stranded talent.” Continue reading “Introduction…”